Back home… well, not exactly.

Nine months flied by and we finished our EVS. Sarah, Mateusz and I said our goodbyes one month ago, and continued our life journeys.
Three people with different life backgrounds, different stories, different mentalities and different ages were joined to live together 9 months ago.
We shared so many amazing moments, laughed our a**es off, ate amazing food and worked together everyday. These people taught me how to improve my work habits and how to be a better flatmate. But actually, everyone from Arenas de San Pedro taught me how to be a better person and how to enjoy life more, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Mateusz went back to Poland for a short period and then moved on to Czech Republic to teach English in Olešnice language camp.


Sarah stayed in a small village next to Arenas to work in a summer camp.
I went to a youth exchange in Italy for a few days.


Before we came here, Mateusz and I had just small ideas of what we wanted to do after high school. These 9 months were definitively the pause that we needed to figure out which way to go and what to do. Now, we both signed up for colleges and everything seems much clearer now.

So… thank you! to everyone that visited this blog to read about our small adventure, to our amazing boss Monia, and mentor Lucy – who were always so much more than just people that we worked with, to our host families – who made the beginning so much easier for us and helped us through everything that followed, and to everyone else who we met along the way (Esther, Quique, Jovana, Tony, Monica, kids from the youth group…)

Also, good luck to the new AJS EVS volunteers, we hope you will enjoy this experience!



It was a pleasure! All is well!

Goodbye for now 🙂



Saying goodbye..

Like every year, AJS had organized a ¨goodbye party¨ where we made a barbecue and had a small evaluation with the youngsters and all the AJS team.

We had three questions, What did we like the most? What have we learnt? and What would we change next year?

After the evaluation, we got a gift from AJS – three white T-shirts with our picture printed on them.
Well.. check out the pictures..


We had a great time with all these people and saying goodbye was not easy.. But we know that now, we have friends in Arenas de San Pedro and that we can revisit whenever we want.


After 9 months of volunteering in AJS, the cherry on the top was the Festival. We´ve written before about our preparations, and now that it has finally happened, we can sum up the experiences..

Setting up the stage and workshops started at 2, and we used three hours to set that up and to rehearse the flash mob. At 5, inscriptions for ´Carera de orientacion´ started, and we had four categories – kids, adults, youngsters and families.

Santi visited us and later joined for the second flash mob, which went amazing, as well as the first one. We had two flashmobs (which was not planned, actually).

Our youngsters really made an effort to put this whole thing together, and they had skate workshop, as well as face painting workshop. Esther had her table on which she had put flyers, pictures and informations on how to help refugees. AJS had their stand, which was full of our posters, and there was also a ¨chill out zone¨ where people could hide from the sun. Next to that, there was a bar and the youngsters have shown that they are quite responsible in that field.

There was one hour of open mic, and we had people coming on stage to play, and some of them were Agus, Sarah and Sara (as the group ¨Sarah´s mood), and other Sara, Jurriaan, Edu and Agus. And from nine to ten, a music group from Madrid joined us ( SOLOH MATEO ) and made the atmosphere even better. It was Sarah´s idea to call them, and she says that this was her gift to Arenas de San Pedro.


Aaand of course, as always, you can check out more photos on our facebook page by clicking on this link. And I´m finishing this post with a special picture..


5 days until the Festival

The countdown has began.. only 5 days left until the big event that everyone worked really hard on. Workshops, dances and fun games are ready and we are all excited about it!

We will not reveal more, and we´ll just leave these pics here, so you can see the part of the atmosphere on our Youth Groups. 🙂

Fridays at 17:30..

Four months ago, we wanted to start a small project, in which we´d  play table games with elderly people. The reason we wanted to do that was because we´ve noticed that they enjoy playing and that they are really happy when someone visits them. But, due to some complications, we weren´t able to play with all of them, so Maria kindly offered a temporary solution – we can play with her.

Since then, every Friday around 17h she waits for us with RUMMIKUB ready on the table.

So, for four months, we are practicing and playing rummikub with Maria. We spend some time talking, and some time in silence – focusing on the game. During our breaks, Maria always tells us a story about her youth, family etc, and we gladly share stories about our countries.

Sometimes we bring over more people, which makes Maria really happy, so we try to do it more often. Tita, Quique, Raquel, Tony, Halima.. are just some of people who came to play.

Maria agreed to take a selfie, even tho she didnt quite understood how it works, but she said that it´s a thing for young people and that she doesn´t really have to understand it, and also that probably if she was 15-20 years younger, she would take selfies a lot too.


And as simply as did the ´temporary´solution turned into a small tradition, we found yet another friend in Arenas whom we appreciate a lot.

English classes are over!

After 8 months we´ve finished with the English classes!
We are no longer teachers to these kids..

And as much as we are happy to have more free time, we will miss meeting with them every Thursday, even though those meetings were not always perfect. We had moments when we didn´t know how to calm the kids down, or we didn´t know how to solve that ¨big fight ¨between two of them cause they can´t both write on the blackboard at the same time.
We were lucky to have Monia to help and advise us after every class. In the end, we´ve learnt as much as the kids did, and maybe even a little bit more.  (Thanks Monia! 😀 )

As we gave away diplomas to the kids today, we remembered the first day of work as teachers in Arenas. We were insecure and a little bit lost, thinking that 9 months is a lot and that we will never find a way to calm down the kids or hold a class for 60mins.

While watching them do the final exams (that we organized through games), we saw how much their knowledge grew and all three of us felt really good.

Here you can see how fun it is to be in these English classes..

I´m finishing this post with a ´crazy´ picture of all of us together, and if any of those kids ever stumble across this blog.. Well let me just say that you were amazing and I hope your English is going to keep getting better and that you´re going to keep learning.